Sculpture “Fault Line” by Peter Lundberg installed in Tetsuya’s garden

Fault Line Peter Lundberg We‘re so happy at Tetsuya’s to have had a stunning new addition to our garden installed this week: Peter Lundberg’s sculpture “Fault Line”. Standing in the corner of the garden, each dining room has a different angle of the work.

A renown sculptor, Lundberg has public sculptures across four continents and his work may be familiar to Sydneysiders as a regular artist at Sculptures by the Sea, and in the collection of the Royal Botanical Gardens.

“I think of my sculptures as a view into my unconscious mind, a landscape of very primitive things, rudimentary elements of life, nature, science, spirituality and passion. For both the maker and viewer, sculpture, like music, carries a beat, a pulsing motion directed to and from the soul that when reveled in takes us into dreamlike states of mind. This state leads to questions and answers, uncovering mysteries, which ultimately give meaning to life’s journey.” Lundberg says of his work. You can read more about his work at his website: or Facebook page.